The SAQQARAH technology has arisen in response to the challenge of contact-free inspection and remote monitoring, in both industrial environments with difficult access and smart cities. It is developed through an on-board sensors system platform for drones.

This technology has multiple applications, from the OEM quality inspection of vehicles, to the inspection of environmental spills in an industrial environment, among others.

The high positioning precision UAV, has precision sensors and Computer Vision Merasys systems (already successfully implemented in the automotive sector). In addition, it is possible to carry out autonomous scheduled routes through the Drones-Server-Cloud. This developed communication system would start the drone’s flight with a sign provided by a microcontroller.

The cloud platform for online data management, is integrated with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADAs (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), all cyber security protocols, and an alert management app.

SAQQARAH’s differential value is based on:

  • The possibility of performing RTRM and WTCM in not accessible or difficult access areas
  • An integrated platform: hardware-software-cloud-communications
  • The reduction of inspection costs and improvement of productivity
  • The improvement of quality and traceability levels
  • The compatibility with the LOPD
  • A collaborative working environment, with the presence of operators.