• Automatic correction of robotic trajectories through Artificial Vision, in the metallic parts robotic palletisation process.
  • Computer Vision and Convolutional Neural Networks to calculate de exact position of the containers. Pattern Matching to precisely define the new position of the detection areas.

ROBOSYS is a system for dynamic correction of robot trajectories in the automatic part palletizing process throught artificial vision. Our system uses an industrial PC, a TCP/IP conexion, and a Merasys camera, placed perpendicular to the basket for the palletisation of work pieces.

The System indicates to the robot in charge of palletizing, for each new container, the position of the origin on which it bases its trajectory. The system calculates the new position and the robot adjusts its trajectory, depositing the pieces in the basket as if it were placed in the initial position, in which it was programmed.


  • Investment savings in the mechanical blocking system
  • Reduced SMED containers exchange
  • Increasing of pressing Factory production time
  • More robotic filling precision –> less quality issues due to collisions
  • Safer manual operations (less risk of accidente during SMED)
  • More ergonomic SMED operations–> less risk of injuries
  • General increase of the Factory productivity

This system has multiple applications: automatic palletizing, to pick up parts, to guide cranes, etc. And can be applied in different sectors: automotive, food, logistics, etc

    ROBOSYS has achieved the following recognitions in 2020:

    • Best Practices Awards category Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in production processes, granted for EACN European Automotive Cluster Network for Joint Industrial Modernization.
    • Finalists for the 5th Edition of the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation and Acceleration Program. In that edition 750 projects were presented worldwide, and ITERA was one of the 72 startups finalist.