OVNI is a device for capacity and crowd control in public spaces throughout artificial intelligence. It identifies densities of people and processes this information.

This smart system objective is to establish whether a street or any other public space is ideal or not for traffic, and if there are crowds.

An OVNI is made up of two cameras that anonymously detect streams of passers-by. This information is processed in the OVNI itself and sent to the Merasys artificial intelligence module, which converts it into valuable data (heat maps, traffic lights, reports, etc.). It therefore allows to send notifications to the authorities or other interlocutors and to provide information to citizens on a website, APP or other formats.

The system has machine learning, which provides the ability to increase its precision as the artificial intelligence algorithms involved are trained.

Having a device such as OVNI allows to achieve the social distance by controlling capacity in real time, and also allows you to choose the area to go according to its occupancy level.

The system is very versatile, since it can be implemented to several open environments such as shopping streets, pedestrian walkways and squares.

It can also be adapted to tourist areas with limited capacity likely to overcrowd (such as beaches, parks, monuments, natural spaces…).

This device was implemented to the main streets of the city of Vigo (Spain) at Christmas 2020.