IBNSINA is a smart platform based on artificial intelligence (AI), neuronal networks and imaging processing in order to supply assistance and intelligence imaging to anatomical pathologists in the diagnosis of prostate cáncer.

The objectives pursued by IBNSINA are:

  • Develop reports to be used in preparing an initial diagnosis that must be validated by the pathologist

  • Reduce turnaround time

  • Reduce false negative rates

  • Measure tumour more size easily and accuratel

  • Help to overcome the current limitations that pathologist encounter in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The learning capacity of the system increase with each image processed and this improving the reliability of the diagnosis.

The images provided by the Alexandria Urology Hospital used to train algorithms that will be optimized to localize features of histopathology of prostate cancer. The algorithm aims to improve the efficiency and consistency of pathologists, by reducing their false negative rates (percentage of undetected tumours) by reviewing the top ranked predicted tumour regions.

Additionally, the algorithm can enable pathologists to measure tumour size easily and accurately, a factor that is associated with prognosis.

IBNSINA is developed by a consortium composed by us, PC LINK (Egypt), SRTA-CITY, (Egypt) and the Alexandria Urology Hospital (Egypt).