Quick and accurate detection of nonconformities in any kind of parts can lead to significant cost savings within the industrial sector.


That is why MERASYS has developed an effective system for detecting nonconformities outside vehicles on an industrial assembly line by its sensorisation and by using artificial vision. A complex algorithm analyses the images in real time and generates patterns to detect the nonconformities that are sought in particular.


The system consists of:

• Merasys cameras
• Aluminium gantry where the cameras are installed
• Own lighting
• Sensors to indicate the position of the vehicle
• Electrical cabinet with an image processing unit and electrical protections
• Results display screens

This system is noted for its reliability and robustness (cameras are tested in many situations).

System operation: The vehicle travels through the assembly line until it reaches the gantry. Once the presence sensors are activated, a series of photographs are taken of outside the car. These photographs are processed by complex neural network algorithms using machine learning techniques. Once the images are processed, the result is displayed on a screen and if there is any type of nonconformity, the monitor warns it and indicates its location.