• System for automatic controlling the capacity in beaches.
  • Application of convolutional neural networks (CNN) and computer vision (CV). 

The AVIZOR system analyse the image classification using Convolution Neural Network and Transfer Learning for beaches to suggest related implications. As the biggest tourist destination in Spain, beaches encounters capacity issues that increases risks due to the COVID19 crisis. The ever-increasing volume of beaches attendance requires multidirectional management and protection. Research design, data and methodology: In this technology, the deep learning CNN algorithm is used to train a number of images from beaches. In the process of validating and testing pre-processed images, we attempted to explore their applicability to coastal tourism applications through probabilities of classifying images and predicting clean shores.

MERASYS algorithms are expected to be implemented in applications for tourism service distribution aimed at reducing coastal capacity and attendance or in CCTVs as a detector or indicator for residents and tourists to protect beaches of COVID19 contagion.