Remarkably capable installation provided with systems of artificial neural networks will soon be commonplace in the real world.

ITERA is working towards this future through the development and installation of platforms with advanced systems of machine learning. We are providing cutting edge technology and solutions to our customers and quickly becoming a recognized leader both in emerging industries from industrial applications to logistics and Smart Cities or Smart Grids.

We have an established legacy and a experienced team of multi-disciplinary professionals working every day to translate our vision into technology breakthroughs. We are entering new territory, building a technological company with new opportunities to create something special from our core in artificial intelligence research and development. We want you to be part of the effort – not just to build great products and installations , but to build a truly great company.

Vigo, SPAIN + Tanger, MOROCCO


At ITERA we create innovative systems, combining artificial neural networks with software and sophisticated electronical designs to create high-performance platforms to conduct inspections of quality control in automobile plants or to realise predicitive electrical consumption in Smart Grids.

In our friendly and supportive work environment, we encourage work-life balance while chasing our ambitious goals. We have a highly collaborative atmosphere, and our roots in academia combined with our entrepreneurial mindset create the foundation for our vibrant culture.

You can be yourself. From drees code to desk decoration, we want people to feel comfortable as themselves. We celebrate diverse backgrounds and points of view. We believe diversity drives innovation, so we´re building a culture where difference is valued. We foster both a top-down and grassroots approach to solving problems. This gives us the freedom to address the broadest set of technical challenges, furthering our mission to change ideas about what the systems with artificial intelligence can do.



Data scientist

Location: Vigo, SPAIN – Department: R&D.

Python programmer

Location: Vigo, SPAIN – Department: Engineering

Field Application Engineer

Location: Vigo, SPAIN – Department: Engineering

Automation Engineer

Location: Vigo, SPAIN – Department: Engineering

Artificial Vision Specialist

Location: Vigo, SPAIN – Department: Engineering