Advanced Systems of
Machine Learning



Intelligent inspection based on computer vision

The technique of automated visual inspection is a new development in computer inspection. It has many advantages such as no touching with inspected objects, high speed, high efficiency and good flexibility, etc. So it has extensive applied foreground in the modern automatic inspection of product quality.

MERASYS provides manufacturers with fully automated visual inspection solutions that consistently find defects that are often missed by human inspectors, while providing powerful insights that help boost quality and operational efficiency.



Medical image classification by means of artificial neural networks

Medical image classification plays an essential role in clinical treatment and teaching tasks. The deep neural network is an emerging machine learning method that has proven its potential for different classification tasks. Notably, the convolutional neural network dominates with the best results on varying image classification tasks.

MERASYS researches applies the convolutional neural network (CNN) based algorithm on a chest X-ray dataset to classify medical images.


Remote monitoring and management (RMM)

Remote monitoring and management (RMM), also known as network management or remote monitoring software, is a type of software designed to help managed IT service providers (MSPs) remotely and proactively monitor client endpoints, networks and computers. This is also now known as or referred to as remote IT management.

MERASYS provides technology that enables technicians and administrators to remotely troubleshoot and manage end user computers regardless of their location. Quickly access endpoints without disrupting users to proactively resolve issues. Manage all client devices for issue resolution, reporting, incident resolution and compliance.

Company Overview

Remarkably capable installations provided with systems of artificial neural networks will soon be commonplace in the real world.


Vigo, SPAIN + Tanger, MOROCCO

ITERA is working towards this future through the development and installation of platforms with advanced systems of machine learning. We are providing cutting edge technology and solutions to our customers and quickly becoming a recognized leader both in emerging industries from industrial applications to logistics and Smart Cities or Smart Grids.